Results 2017

Click on the links in the table below for the current championship positions. These are updated after each event:

  Leaderboard Class Positions
Latest Championship Positions  Leaderboard – Event 11  Class Positions – Event 11

2017 results will be published below usually within two weeks of the event

Date Result Report
March 17th Croft  Croft Scoresheet  Croft Report
April 23rd Wiscombe Park  Wiscombe Scoresheet  Wiscombe Report
April 29th Ty Croes  Ty Croes National  Ty Croes Report
April 30th Ty Croes   Ty Croes – International  Ty Croes Report
 May 7th Debden  Debden Scoresheet  Debden Report
June 4th Harewood  Harewood Scoresheet  Harewood Report
 June 18th Gurston Down  Gurston Down Scoresheet  Gurston Down Report
June 24th Aintree  Aintree Scoresheet  Aintree Report
July 16th Loton Park  Loton Park Scoresheet  Loton report
July 30th Blyton Park  Blyton Park Scoresheet  Blyton Park Report
August 5th Goodwood  Goodwood Scoresheet  Goodwood Report
August 20th Olivers Mount
September 3rd Curborough
 September 17th Shelsley Walsh
 October 1st Prescott