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The Morgan Sports Car Club (MSCC) Speed Championship is organised and administered by the MSCC in accordance with the rules of the RAC Motor Sports Association. The championship is sponsored by Techniques, Morgan official service and motorsport dealer, based in Stotfold, Herts. For details please visit www.techniques.uk.com.

Speed events consist of sprints and hillclimbs. These are all about getting from the start to the finish of a defined tarmac course in a time quicker than anyone else. Sprinting and hillclimbing therefore differs significantly from racing in that there are no other cars in close proximity to you on the track. Read more about sprinting and hillclimbing in the “Getting Started” section.

The championship consists of a number of rounds spread across the country. See the Calendar for the latest dates. Your best score from 6 rounds (with a minimum of 3 to qualify) count towards the championship. Rounds are organised roughly evenly north, south and midlands and we try not to visit a venue more than once in the year to give some variety.

Clearly a full race Plus 8 will always be faster overall than a standard 4/4, so the championship is scored on a Class based handicap basis. For each Class of car at a each championship venue there will normally be a fastest time record from a previous event. These records then form a ‘target time’ for competitors at each venue.

Scoring is  based upon a competitors time relative to this Class target time. The competitor who gets closest overall (in any class) to their target time will get maximum points. The remaining competitors get points according to their time relative to the class target time. If any competitor beats their class target time then they are awarded an extra point. In this way each competitors points are determined by their performance relative to their individual class target time.

At the end of the season awards are made on the basis of points scored to the overall championship winner and for the winner of each class. Depending upon the number of entrants inc each class second and third prizes may also be awarded. A novice and ladies awards are also made.